Lineo and Lipontso Climb the Mountain


Lineo and Lipontso Climb the Mountain


Thaba-telle is a tall mountain in Lesotho. Lineo and her friend Lipontšo are fond of climbing the mountain. But Lineo’s grandmother, ’Malimpho, is not happy. She thinks climbing a mountain is dangerous. She also believes Lineo does not have time to study and she will fail. She approaches Lineo’s teacher and asks her to talk to Lineo because the girl does not listen to her. Lineo’s teacher explains that mountain climbing is not dangerous. It is just another sport – a helpful exercise. ’Malimpho is very happy with Teacher Letsapo’s explanation. Lineo is very happy to get her grandmother’s blessing too. She continues to climb the mountain and eventually wins a medal in the district competitions. 


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