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We aim to promote the culture of reading among learners, focusing on children aged 4 – 15 years old. The books are in Sesotho and English, and they will be supplied to schools and learners on a rotational basis.

Find out more and sign your child up as we promote the culture of reading among learners.

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Construction & Puzzles

Providing high-quality play tools in early childhood years does not only encourage cooperative play but enhances academic and creative skills.

Our construction and puzzle kits feature a range of play tools that aid children to unlock their little curious minds. Helping them in problem-solving and thinking skills. As building blocks alone can help them identify structural inadequacies and the ability to identify and solve a problem.

Other benefits include academic preparations, fine motor skills, understanding spatial structures, and eye coordination.

Literacy Material

The EBS literacy kits feature Sesotho language learning materials, books and equipment that ensures that learners develop an extensive vocabulary. This helps learners understand words, develop their language skills, exercise their brains, and expand their knowledge base.

Our literacy kits provide a set of activities that are designed to allow learners to actively participate and communicate during book reading activities. The primary purpose is to support and enhance the curriculum with  materials that provide the learner with a multi-sensory experience.




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As an approved Cambridge University Press marketing agent and key distributor in Lesotho and Eswatini, EBS offers Cambridge University Press resources and services that meet a wide range of teaching and learning needs and cover a wide range of syllabi. Taking students from Primary learning to A-Level, IB Diploma, and beyond.


Educational Business Services is a certified Educat partner.

Educat's dynamic, superb, high quality learning products focus on preschool, kindergarten and right through your children's schooling years.


Coalsack Media is a 360-degree wheelhouse of African creativity for literature based entertainment.

Our mission is to educate and entertain. Reshape the imagination of African culture, and inspire new narratives.