The Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho Celebrates 200 Years of Existence

Founded in 1824 by King Moshoeshoe 1, the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho is set to celebrate its bicentennial this year, marking 200 years of existence. This momentous celebration holds great significance for Basotho people, as it is a time to reflect on the nation’s journey and progress made over the past two centuries. 

During this year, Basotho from all walks of life will honour their shared history and heritage. The celebration serves as a reminder of Lesotho’s unique identity and the importance of preserving its cultural traditions.

The bicentennial  is also a significant milestone in the nation’s history, reminding the world of Lesotho’s rich heritage and the resilience of its people. As the kingdom looks ahead to the next 200 years, it does so with optimism and determination, confident in its ability to overcome challenges and continue on its path of progress.

 Achievements Over The Past Two Centuries

It is important to reflect on the nation’s achievements and milestones over the past two centuries. Despite its small size and limited resources, Lesotho has made significant progress in various areas.

One notable achievement is Lesotho’s commitment to education. The country has made great strides in improving access to education for Lesotho’s youth, with a strong emphasis on primary and secondary education. This commitment has led to increased literacy rates and a more educated population.

Lesotho has also seen development and growth, economically. With the textile and garments industry powering the nation’s economy and creating jobs that reduce poverty and provide opportunities for Basotho to improve their lives.

The tourism industry has immensely grown over the past two decades, with the Mountain Kingdom presenting opportunities for tourists to explore the country’s breathtaking landscapes, including majestic mountains, and waterfalls such as the Maletsunyane Falls. 

For Adventure seekers, Lesotho offers great activities such as mountain biking: the highlight being the Roof of Africa competition, horse riding and hiking.

Furthermore, Lesotho has made significant strides in the field of sports, particularly in athletics. The country has produced talented athletes who have represented Lesotho on the international stage, bringing pride and recognition to the nation.

Events and Activities Planned For The Bicentennial Celebration 

Celebrations in Lesotho are set to be a grand affair this year, with a wide range of activities and events planned to captivate locals and international visitors. 

One of the highlights of the celebrations is the Moshoeshoe Walk; a 3 day hiking journey of approximately 116 kilometres, that aims to unite Basotho people and celebrate the founding father of the nation, King Moshoeshoe 1. 

Throughout the year there will also be an array of art and cultural activities that will feature traditional music, dance, and crafts, providing locals and visitors with a glimpse into the rich cultural tapestry of Lesotho.

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