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Introducing Thuto and Leseli

Educational Business Services welcomes Thuto and Leseli. The two young characters will be addressing social, economic, educational and environmental challenges children face in Southern Africa. These challenges include:

-Environmental Cleanliness and pollution

-Financial literacy

-Political tolerance

-Bullying and Violence

-Global Warming

-Early Child marriages

-Child/Human Trafficking

-Hygiene and Healthcare

Leseli is a caring and empathetic boy. He is number oriented and at the age of seven he is mathematically gifted, and has won the national championship in financial literacy. Alongside being number oriented, Leseli  is straightforward and passionate about addressing societal issues that oppose a threat to a greater future of children. These issues include early child marriages, political tolerance, hygiene, healthcare, bullying and violence.

His down to earth personality and life skills has seen him to be a champion and ambassador of emerging environmental issues. He is passionate about addressing cleanliness, pollution, and finding existing consumption and production systems that can help people on earth combat global warming and reduce climate change. Alongside being a social science ambassador, Leseli is also passionate about sports, as he understands the importance of keeping active to better oneself and the community.

Thuto is an enthusiastic girl with a strong sense of curiosity that has seen her to comprehend academic material grades above her peer age. She is passionate about history and teaching her peers about traditional games, African clans and totems and is adamant to learn curriculums that can help her community know more about their culture and the global world.

From the young age of four, Thuto’s  interest in construction puzzles has enabled her to solve problems at a high intellectual level and also stands to be highly gifted in Art and Sciences. She uses her art and technology campaigns to help Leseli address societal, economic and environmental issues.

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